Must Watch: Netanyahu’s Historic Speech

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netanyahu2[Video below.] Israeli Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu today gave his vision of the Middle East, based on a strong Israel irrevocably linked to the United States and willing to make some, but not all, sacrifices for peace with the Palestinians.

“Israel has no better friend than America, and America has no better friend than Israel. We stand together to defend democracy,” Netanyahu said, in a key theme he repeated in different forms in his 45-minute speech.

Click below to watch the full speech, hosted on‘s servers for those who cannot access YouTube:

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  1. Shalom to our greatest friend Israel. Please forgive those here who do not understand. We WILL continue to fight for you, otherwise may God have mercy on us…

  2. did he eat his pork chops before the speech or after ? where is his kippah,were his zizith ?
    i can`t see no jew !

  3. Beautiful and eloquent speech on many levels.

    However, a once-in-a lifetime unprecedented opportunity for Kiddush Hashem was unfortunately missed.

    Can you imagine the Kvod Shomayim that could have been spread had Bibi actually made a Bracha on the glass of water that he drank (after he was heckled) during the speech?

    The 20 seconds that it would have taken him to explain his blessing, as the entire world watched, could have earned infinite respect for the Torah and would have been his “koneh olomo b’shah achas”.

    Understandably, he is not a practicing religious Jew, and Brochos are certainly not spontaneous to him. However, he is knowledgeable and certainly aware how to make a Bracha. It would have been – even politically – a smart move.

    May Hashem give us all the wisdom to make the correct decisions – even on the spur of the moment.

  4. Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke very well. The speech was full of energy and enthusiasm. He very early on outlined the security needs of the country whilst later going into the peace plans. A lot of ambit claims are being presented by the various parties…Like clever unionists looking for a pay rise for their members some groups will go in “high” to increase their chance of getting the right outcome. i.e. Ask for $70,000 per annum and if you get $60,000 we will be happy. I’m a little old fashioned and think that people shouldn’t start with ridiculous negotiating positions. But to close a deal when you know the buyer wants the car and after the salesman has done his job sometimes the buyer actually enjoys the negotiation. (Think “The Haggle” market sequence in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”.) The key is to keep everyone at the table. I want everyone to “buy” the divinely mandated plan for the Temple Mount, Old City, Holy Land, Middle East and Planet Earth. A bit selfish I know but my boss also wants me to get the deal. Remember everyone the current GDP of the immediate region of $1.6 Trillion can grow by 5% p.a. over the next 38 years.

  5. Not so poshut that one who drinks water to clear ones throat is chayav a bracha. Perhaps it may even be a bracha levatala.

  6. #13 Are you so sure that a speaker who drinks because his throat is dry or is in need of moisture makes a Bracha?? Is it for pleasure or to remove an impediment? Not simple…..

  7. Did an absolutely wonderful job- Yasher Koach and Thank You.
    (To #16- please don’t judge someone not yet frum- they may be weaker than some of us in some ways and better in other ways. Also H-shem is deciding the fate of everything and I think Netanyahu knows this.)

  8. #18 hahahah i dont think netanyahu acknowloges hashem in anything

    heres 2 quotes from zionist leaders at the time “jewish blood will get us a state”
    “we dont need these old jews with beards and peyos they will interfere with our interests/ideals”

    Now thats recognizing hashem?!?!?!?!?!?

  9. Who cares if he is mechalel shabbos, or doesn’t wear a kippa, or doesn’t keep kosher! That’s his problem between him and hakadosh baruch hu! He represents the Jewish people and the Jewish state as a whole, Hassdim, orthodox, haredy and hiloni internationally to the goyim. He is on our side. He is a JEW. He wants the rebuilding of Israel. What are you complaining about?! He should have much hatzlacha and koach in the anticipated events.

  10. All bnie torah, and all comment on a speech given my a mortal. nothing happens without “Hashems” approval, he is not a leader that is guided by the torah, in fact he is the source off all the problems..leading a government and his people against the very essence of what a frum jew is supposed to be. We all got dragged into proud we are of this leader..aoy vavoy what has befallen us????

  11. Please learn Tomer Devorah instead of making silly parochial and off based haskafah comments on Matzav.

  12. Of course, everything comes from Hashem but he has messengers and we owe them hakoros hatov as well. For example, I am grateful for the Jewish doctor (despite not being not yet frum)who performed open heart surgery on Harav Hagaon Elyashiv several years ago.

    Rav Moshe Feintstein ztz’l went to do bikur cholim to Senator Jacob Javits and praised him greatly for his constant support despite the senator being VERY far from mitzvah observance.


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