Must Women Hear Zachor?

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torahMany opinions (incl. Minchas Chinuch, Chasam Sofer, Maharil Diskin, Minchas Elozor, and many others) rule that women are obligated in the reading of Parshas Zachor. While many others (incl. Chinuch, Avnei Nezer, Chazon Ish, The Griz M’Brisk, Divrei Chaim, Arugos Habosem) rule that women are not obligated. The general practice is for women to come to shul to listen to Parshas Zachor. Orchos Rabbeinu – Steipler 3:33, S’V Minchas Yitzchok 9:68

If one was unable to listen to Parshas Zachor, one may fulfill the mitzvah, Bi’dieved, by listening to the reading of “Vayovoi Amalek” which is read in shul on Purim day. Shulchan Aruchh w/Mishnah Brurah 685:7

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  1. this “general practice” isn’t what they did in Europe 70 years ago or even what ppl did 40 yrs. ago. this is a new chumrah…

  2. Too many Chumras…

    1) Machmir to hear it out of a Klaf

    2) Machmir to hear it with a Minyan

    3) Machmir to repeat the last Pasuk

    4) Machmir to not have a reading for women.

    5) Machmir not to hold of the Eiruv

    Kulah: women don’t hear Zachor

    Too many chumras leads to a Kulah !!

    Women can’t go to shul because of the kids, and no Eiruv. People are machmir not to make a reading for women so women lose the mitzva.

  3. The mitzvah of zachor applies ot those who are in the parsha of mechiyas amaleik. As women don’t go to war, the mitzvah does not apply to them.

  4. I love how you brought a book called orchos rabbeinu that says the steipler says that the minhag is for women to go but yet his son (Rav Chaim Kanievsky) in his book Tayma d’kra (at the end he has a section of hanagos, os 23), writes that women are not obligated to listen to parshat zachor.

    So in reality minhag is not to go, but people want to make themselves crazy.

  5. The Chinuch, the Rishon on the list, which means it is the earliest, says they have no chiyuv. Why then, is it deemed a kulah to not make a second reading for women, if they may not have a chiyuv at all?

  6. (I assume that) In Germany general practice is for women to come to shul to listen to Parshas Zachor.

    #4 your name says all.


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