My Family Needs Your Help | Our 11 Year Old Son Has A Severe Brain Tumor



Shalom Chavarim,

My name is Shlomo Eliyahu Barron. Up until last week, Boruch Hashem things seemed to be going on the up and up, we just won the housing lottery. My company just launched and things were starting to get better for us overall.


Until last week our son Dovid Yosef Ben Chana Shoshana was your normal 11 year old. He was going to school, learning Torah, playing with his friends and just being a kid.

Than one day, he came home complaining about some issues with his vision and headaches. Naturally, we went to the doctors. That’s when I got the terrible news. He was diagnosed with DIPG, which for those who don’t know is one of the most aggressive and inoperable forms of a brain tumor.

We are falling apart, my children, my wife we are trying to maintain but every day brings new challenges. We have been exploring many experimental treatments but these are not covered by the National Insurance.

I have no time to work, let alone breathe, and we are struggling everyday to take care of our other 4 children.

We are trying to raise $300,000 now to help cover travel, lodging, treatments and any other costs as well as our basic living expenses. We are heartbroken and can’t even think about these things.

You can donate by clicking this link-

With your help, we’ll be able to get Dovid Yosef Ben Chana Shoshana the help he needs to please Gd recover quickly and continue to be the ben torah he is.

Every dollar counts, so please friends, help us, help our son. WIth your donation, Hashem should help you with tremendous hatzlacha, bracha, mazal parnossa and we should merit the coming of Moshiach NOW and end all tzoros.

You can donate by clicking this link-

Thank you ,


Your friend, Shlomo


  1. Dovid Yosef is the sweetest boy- he is so pure- always smiling! His 4 sisters are constantly talking about their older brother which shows how much love they have for him. Refuah Shelamah b’karov!


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