My Parents Flew To America and I Never Saw Them Again

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Rav Yitzchok Dovid Grossman appears in a rare video this week, in which he addresses the public directly with a personal request.

“This is the chosson, Yitzchok, who became an orphan,” he begins in a serious tone.

The story Rav Grossman proceeds to tell is a tragic one: A young chosson living in Bnei Brak was orphaned of both his parents a short while ago. His mother flew to America for cancer treatment and his father escorted her there. His mother died of cancer in America, and four months later his father passed away of the same illness leaving the chosson and 12 siblings completely alone.

With a few days remaining until the wedding, nothing has been purchased for him. “He’s a talmid chocham, he’s a beautiful boy – but he doesn’t have anyone to help him,” says the Rav, vouching for both his character and his dire situation.

It is an inspiring sight to see: Despite the many painful stories Rav Grossman deals with each day, he has chosen to take this particularly desperate chosson under his wing.

Those who wish to join Rav Grossman in saving a suffering young groom from humiliation can do so here for a limited time.



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