My Shavuos Dilemma

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It happens every year.  The resolve to make that year’s Shavuos night learning reminiscent of those long-ago yeshiva days, and deciding upon the perfect limud to make that happen.  Should I attend a shiur, catch up on the daf, say tikkun, or choose one inyan to learn from start to finish?

But let’s be honest – many, if not most, of us find it difficult to keep our eyes open the entire night, let alone learn with geshmack.   Personally I’ve tried everything.  And nothing’s worked – yet.

So, this year I will be trying something completely different.  An advertisement for the Shivti Shavuos sefer in this past week’s Yated jumped out at me.  I’ve seen the regular Shivti booklets around at local shuls and was impressed with the material and the clarity with which it was presented.  That might by just what I need to finally experience the Shavuos night I have been aiming for so many years.  The perfect blend of learning b’yiun with a structure to cover the entire sugya.  Enough lomdus to keep me awake, and enough material to be able to study and cover ground, and the best part is that sense of accomplishment as I recapture the learning experience of my youth.

Ah frelichen Kabolas Hatorah to all.

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  1. Does anybody have an idea when these seforim will hit the stores? I just walked out of Biegeleisens in Boro Park, and he wasn’t sure when they are arriving

  2. “…………that year’s Shavuos night learning reminiscent of those long-ago yeshiva days……….”
    You must be very young to utter these words. All night programs were not around when I was young. After benching we would say Tikkun L’Ail Shovuous and then go to bed. We were up for Shachris at 9:00 am just like Shabbos or any other Yom Toivim. Even the Artscroll Shovuos Machzor states “Although the custom of remaining awake the entire night of Shovuos was first recorded almost two millennia ago, it was observed only by small groups of scholars.”

    I remember the special Kiddish we had on Shovuos, Cheese Blintzes floating in oil! We referred to them as OPEC Blintzes. Only older people, like me would understand this. A freilichen Yom Tov.

  3. This year Shavuos night will be on Motzaei Shabbos; i.e., immediately following Shabbos. As we will be on a higher level of Kdushah (holiness) and more rested than usual, our Shavuos night learning should — BeEzras HaShem — be much improved.


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