Mystery ‘Agriprocessors’ Meat Still Being Sold

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rubashkinEdited excerpts of a report by Nathaniel Popper of The Forward: A reader from suburban Chicago was mystified when he made a trip to the kosher aisle of his supermarket this last weekend. There, among the kosher soups and meats, he found packages of Agriprocessors’ turkey and corned beef, being sold under the Aaron’s Best label.The presence of these packages was a mystery because Agriprocessors ceased to exist this past summer – nearly a year after an unprecendted immigration raid at the company’s Iowa slaughterhouse – when new owners – namely, Hershey Friedman of Montreal – bought the company and renamed it Agri-Star. How then, did meat from a company that no longer exists end up on the supermarket shelves all of these months later? Is it old meat – or is there a new company masquerading as the recently departed? The new owners of Agri-Star are also not producing beef in their Iowa facility, so whence the corned beef?

Our reader is not the only one who has had questions of this sort. Menachem Lubinsky, a kosher trade consultant, and one-time spokesman for Agriprocessors, recently saw Rubashkin’s label meat in Brooklyn stores and wondered: “Is this old product or new? And how did it get here?”

Calls to the store and the company did not immediately clear things up. A spokesman for the Jewel-Osco store in Evanston, Ill. said that the packages came from Agri-Star, the new company that purchased Agriprocessors out of bankruptcy in July. When that purchase happened, though, Agriprocessors ceased to exist, and the label our reader saw clearly has the old company’s name. Presented with this conflict, the spokeswoman for Jewel-Osco wrote back: “Our records show that the product was sourced from Agri-Star. You may want to give them a call directly to determine their packaging strategy.”

A lawyer for Agri-Star, Shalom Jacob, said that his company is indeed using the labels from the old company; Agri-Star gained control of Agriprocessors’ old brand names, such as Aaron’s Best and Shor Habor when it bought the company. But Jacob also said that the meat could have been produced earlier this year, when Agriprocessors still existed. Deli meat can last for up to a year in its package. The chicken breasts our reader found had a sell-by date of next March. The presence of corned beef seems to have an answer in Agri-Star’s arrangement with beef producers in South America.

The uncertainty raises the question of why the new company would use the old brand names.

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  1. They are selling rubashkin from Uruguay.
    It may be freezer product that the receiver should have sold.
    The USDA plant number may shed some light.

  2. What’s so hard to understand (and what is the big deal)? The new company owns the rights to all of the old companies brand names, and it has the right to use those brand names on its products.

  3. What hechsher does agri star have? Is it KAJ a Aarons. If not, how can they use the old labels? Do they think the people are so stupid. What kind of Uraguay meat? Agri never produced deli in Uraguay. They better get their act together.

  4. The real concern is why you are giving any legitimacy to the hack N Pooper of the corrupt publication the Forvards.

    You bill yourself as the voice of the Torah world. A little self respect.

  5. It seems to come from Uruguay or maybe from other states in the US. Rubashkin has other plants in the US such as maybe Nebraska or Wyoming, it is sloppy of Hershey Friedman to use the old labels.

  6. Agri Star bought Agriprocessors and is producing deli meat from Meat that they are purchasing from Uraguay.It is the same old great tasting product.To all buyers the plant is USDA and can’t play around with the dates on the products.
    The company is allowed to use old labels as long as the USDA is advised.
    What happend in the past is the past and they are trying to get the company back on to it’s feet and printing info that isn’t even checked is wrong.


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