N.J. Bill To End Religious Exemption From Childhood Vaccines Collapses, Anti Vaxxers Celebrate

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New Jersey families will retain the right to claim religion as a reason to not have their children vaccinated, after an eleventh-hour attempt Monday to end such exemptions did not gather sufficient support to bring the issue to a vote.

But Senate backers of the bill vowed to reintroduce it, possibly as soon as Tuesday afternoon, when the new legislative session begins.

Reintroducing the bill would start the legislative process anew, including likely hearings. Sweeney told reporters Monday that the legislation was one vote short of passage. He said that in the new session, he may convene a hearing, calling on experts from both sides of the debate.

Hundreds of exemption supporters who gathered at the Statehouse cheered loudly from the Senate gallery when the session ended Monday with no vote on the bill.

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  1. Thousands of protestors cheered not hundreds. When it comes to the topic of vaccines the truth is always covered up.

  2. Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach and Rav Yehoshua Neuwirth both ruled that parents cannot be compelled to vaccinate their child, regardless if their concerns are irrational. Similarly, Rav Hershel Schachter, Rav Mordechai Willig and Rav J. David Bleich are all of the same opinion.

    • Care to give us your source for your claim? The only credible source I found making that same claim also adds the following remarks:

      > However, it must also be noted that the rulings of these poskim did not come in response to situations where there was either a legal obligation or school policy requiring vaccination.

      > Significantly, it is the consensus of these poskim that even though a parent may have the halakhic right to refrain from vaccinating their child, that does not exempt them from following the law or school policies, particularly when it could well mean jeopardizing the health and safety of others.

      Other reports quote (for example) Hershel Schachter as ruling:

      “where vaccines are mandated by the state, such as in the case of immunizations before entering school, one would be obligated to be immunized based on the concept of Dina d’Malchuta Dina” (“Compulsory Immunization in Jewish Day Schools” by Rabbi Joseph H. Prouser which is footnoted as to his sources).

  3. Shame on them! They should be brought up on charges of child abuse and their children should be placed in foster homes. They are not normal people! The only religion that proposes anti vaccinating is that of רשעים. I can think of no other real religion! And the proof is how desperate they are to have had the need to forge documents! Shame on them!

    • If your children and all those who were vaccinated and “protected” what do you care if others don’t vaccinate?

    • Do you always feel when one person does something that represents an entire group? So if one frum yid makes a ponzy scheme then all frum yidden are crooks (ch’v)? If one crooked person forged documents that does not mean the whole movement is crooks, no one knew anything about it.

  4. Last week it was reported that the UN officially admits to covering up deaths & injuries caused by vaccines on a planetary scale!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s a transcript of the UN expert admitting that toxic vaccine ingredients are harming children worldwide.

    • WOW! Compare these comments to those of last year’s where only a few were educated enough to the truth of the danger and ineffectiveness of vaccine. Today, only ONE poster from over a dozen is still naive enough to believe vaccine propaganda. (A lot more antis were written today but censored, making this one naive writer here probably in the 5% group of sleeping vaxxers.) I like your comment #4.

  5. For all the pro vaxers out there please provide a double blind placebo safety study on any childhood vaccine.
    Same standard used for any other drug.
    We are all waiting.
    While you’re at it lost the 10-20 ingredients in the vaccines and prove that they are safe to inject into kids.

  6. They also told us that drinking coffee was extremely unhealthy. I don’t know anything about coffee not being healthy. My toothpaste has fluoride in it and my teeth are doing just fine, b”h. I eat homemade challa with gluten every Shabbos and b”h I’m still alive. I eat store bought apples that were sprayed with pesticide and b”h I’m alive to tell you about it. The bottom line is, BE NORMAL.

  7. Please Matzav Editors,
    Save us from these ant-vaxxer illiterates. I honestly cannot handle another post by the crazies who would allow reintroduction of infections into our communities. These are dangerous liars at best and cult devotees at worst. They spread lies and propoganda at every turn. The science is firm and repetitively consistent-vaccines have been studied extensively and are SAFE. Look at the effort just yesterday when the crazies “photoshopped” the Agudah stationary to spread misinformation. The reason that normal people rarely post responses is that we have taken all steps to protect our children and do not need to prove anything by debating the crazies. When a missionary shows at our door or in the street to convince us of the benefits of Christianity, do we debate them? Of course not as they will never be convinced that what they are doing is wrong. The same goes for the anti-vaxxer crazies. This topic is beyond debate. And for the record, while the Lakewood political clout likely was able to get this vote put off, it won’t last. Just as those efforts were eventually overcome in New York, they will be overcome in Jersey. Where o’ where will you crazies send your kids to school then? Try Wyoming. I hear the weather is great…

  8. I am against dishonesty of any kind and condemn this act of forgery. However you don’t judge an entire group of people by the act of one person. Additionally, the slander campaign against nonvaxxers by the frum media has gotten out of hand. Every media outlet that has spread false lashon hara about this growing group of wonderful Jews is responsible for inciting hatred and sinas chinam. You have caused much machlokes within families, communities, shuls, schools and friendships. Now everyone’s scratching their heads wondering why anti semites are attacking Jews in the streets! It is now, more than ever that we must work on our shalom.


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