N.J. To Decide On Assisted Suicide Bill On Monday

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On Monday, lawmakers in both the state Senate and Assembly will decide the fate of a bill that would give terminally ill patients in New Jersey a legal right to decide how and when the die.

More protections have been added over the years to make sure patients are making the decision freely. Opponents remain unconvinced, however, that some patients won’t end their lives out of fear they are a burden to their families.

If the bill (A1504) passes both Democratic-controlled houses, Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, will decide whether to sign it into law. New Jersey would be the eighth state permitting “aid in dying.”

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  1. Most mandatory perversions start out as voluntary. If this law is enacted, then Medicaid will not cover elder care in a decade or two from now. The death-cult dimcraps may even enact mandatory elder culling – to preserve elders’ “quality of life” of course. Any “frum” politician who voted for this law, should be classified as a traitor, and should loose all frum votes, no matter how much government cheese he brings in – lives are more valuable than grants.

  2. This bill got much worse and took out the already garbage safeguards, they specifically wrote the bill to explicitly make it easier to kill off people with dementia.
    “”Long-term care facility” means a nursing home, assisted living residence, comprehensive personal care home, residential health care facility, or dementia care home licensed pursuant to P.L.1971, 45c.136 (C.26:2H-1 et seq.).”

    People should all call 609-847-3905 (number if you don’t know your district) all THREE of their legislators to help kill this bill (the bill previously passed by only ONE vote in the assembly)

    some swing votes
    Senator Samuel Thompson (Jackson) Phone: (732) 607-7580
    Senator Paul A. Sarlo (Passaic) Phone: (201) 804-8118
    Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese (Passaic) Phone: (201) 943-0615
    Assemblywoman Lisa Swain (Bergenfield, Fair Lawn, Paramus) Phone: (201) 576-9199
    Assemblyman Christopher Tully (Bergenfield, Fair Lawn, Paramus) Phone: (201) 576-9199

  3. I love it. Governor Murphy is carrying out the mandate that NJ voters gave him. This is what the taxpayers of NJ desire. Democracy at work.


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