N. Korea Could Send Delegation To South For Winter Olympics

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North Korea could send a delegation to the South for the 2018 Winter Olympics, in the first indication Pyongyang may participate in next month’s Games despite tensions over its nuclear weapons program.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said in his new year’s address Monday: “We are willing to take necessary measures including to dispatch our delegation” to the Pyeongchang Games which Seoul and organisers have billed as a “peace Olympics”. Read more here.



  1. This guy may be evil but he’s not as stupid as we may have thought. He forged ahead with his nuclear program, which he has now completed. Norh Korea is now a nuclear power and we did nothing to stop him. Now it’s too late. We have to respect him and negotiate with him. He won. If we attack him now, it will be a nuclear war and we and/or our allies will suffer great casualties.

    • Do you expect President Trump to continue the absurdity of supplying Kim with nuclear weapons plus additional billions of dollars for more weapons? Where were you when your previous idiotic Presidents Obama, Bushes and Clinton did their foolishness?

  2. הרב סעדיה נחמני ,a mekubal, a few months before he died over 23 years ago,said everyone is afraid of Iran,Syria etc… but harah(the evilness) will come from north Korea . They will send a nucleus bomb on Israel.
    And if you don’t believe me, google it up, and see.

  3. From North Korean HQ Memo:
    Conditions to qualify as NK Olympic athlete:
    – must undergo radiation exposure
    – must leave behind 4 close relatives as collateral for guaranteed return home
    – must be willing to carry nuclear warhead in carry-on luggage


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