N. Korea: Missiles Were a Drill for Strike on U.S. Bases

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North Korea’s state-run media said Tuesday that its Monday missile launches were training for an airstrike on U.S. military bases in Japan. Three of the missiles landed in the waters off Japan. President Trump reportedly affirmed the U.S. commitment to Japan and South Korea in separate phone calls Monday, the White House said in a statement, adding that there will be “very dire consequences” for North Korea’s actions.

Pyongyang is banned from ballistic-missile technology by UN resolutions but continues to develop them. Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, tweeted that North Korea was a “menace” and will not be allowed to continue on its “destructive path.” Read more at YAHOO NEWS.



  1. General Mattis and all the Korea experts out there should make the “Reunification of the Peninsula” the only game in town. I have been advocating for this policy for the KOREA’s since the year 2000. I counselled on this when I was in Jerusalem in 2012.

    Ahead of the curve…

    Also, nearly all the Korea experts are ignoring the message & command of the BIRD FLU outbreak now. Sth.Korea is being hit with a cocktail of Bird Flu viruses now: H5N1/N6/N8 and H7N9. The situation is very serious. Nth. Korea is also being hit badly by Bird Flu. It is just that there is a lockdown on the media there.

    Nth.Korea’s sabre rattling, and now this hit in KL, is both a message and a command.

    A cry for help.

    도움을 얻기위한 외침

    Read the incredible true story of Sungju Lee.

    I agree with his sentiments regarding unification.


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