N. Korea Threatens U.S. With “Merciless” Strikes


North Korea has threatened to use “physical action” to counter a U.S. anti-missile system set to be deployed in South Korea. After Washington and Seoul on Friday announced that a THAAD anti-missile system would be established in response to a growing threat from the north, North Korea’s military said in a statement that it would “take a physical counter-action to thoroughly control THAAD… from the moment its location and place have been confirmed in South Korea.”

It also warned that South Korea would suffer “miserable self-destruction” if it went ahead with the plans, also threatening “merciless” measures against the U.S.

“We once again warn the enemies that it is the steadfast will of the KPA to make merciless retaliatory strikes to reduce south Korea to a sea in flames, debris once an order is issued,” the statement read. Read more at Agence France-Presse.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com}



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