N.Y. Official Rules: Chassidishe School Breaking State Education Law

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In a profound challenge to New York’s private Chassidishe Jewish schools, state education authorities have determined that a large boys’ school in Brooklyn is violating state law by failing to provide a basic education, Eliza Shapiro and Brian M. Rosenthal reports in the NY Times.

The ruling marks the first time that the state has taken action against a Chassidishe boys’ school

The decision, which was issued by commissioner Betty Rosa and has not been previously reported, stemmed from a lawsuit brought by a parent against the school alleging a lack of secular education. The ruling requires city education officials to work with the school, Yeshiva Mesivta Arugath Habosem, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to come up with an improvement plan, something that many Chassidishe schools have long fought to avoid. State officials will have final say over that improvement plan, putting additional pressure on city officials who have previously avoided intervening in the schools.

A spokesman for the city Department of Education did not immediately respond to a request for comment, the Times reports.

But the potential ramifications extend further than a single school. The ruling could be a harbinger of significantly tougher oversight of Chassidishe schools, and could open the door for more lawsuits or complaints about those that might not be complying with state law.




    • The parent is not interested in any logical solution.

      She is a former Hassidic mother of ten named Beatrice Weber. She has taken over the leadership role at YAFFED
      from Moster.

      Hope they are headed to the same place at the end.

  2. They should all register their children in the public school system and let the state and city scratch their heads to come up with a suitable bi-lingual program for them as is their right. The Hispanics have it; the Hassidics could have it too.

  3. Good. If you elect me I’ll make sure every Chassidishe Yeshiva and mosad is closed down for good. You people are so stupid, you’re going to vote for me anyway.

  4. The mother who brought the suit and who has given interviews on radio has a right to have her child educated in secular subjects. But instead of going to courts to sue to get this yeshiva to change, why doesn’t she just change schools and send her son to one which has a more comprehensive and extensive secular education department????? If those are not up to par, she can always send to public school and receive the education she craves.

  5. The Rabonim should issue a Psak-Bais-Din that anyone who goes to the authorities (like this parent) has the din of a moiser and ask that Shomayim should execute the laws that we can not because of Goules. When these individuals start suffering terribly, they will know why and it will serve as a lesson to all others wanting to go this way.
    Every parent can send their child to a different school that has a stronger secular curriculum. They don’t have to send their child to an ultra-chassidic yeshiva.
    I hope that Naftuli Muster starts getting his just desserts soon so that the pressure on yeshivas stop.

    • Exactly. It was the same with those rishaim who were moser to City that certain Shuls we’re open during Covid. Those sanctimonious mosrim are rishaim arurim who have no cheleck in olam haba.

    • Reb Yid:

      1) Please listen to this story about the Ribbnitzer Rebbe. It will give chizuk and insight. https://youtu.be/tBsxiVv40QY

      2) These reshaim are like sticks. Different than animals, we recognize that the sticks are controlled by the Ribono Shel Olam.

      3) If these reshaim ever did something good, then they usually get repaid before their pitiful lives expire.

      4) We will serve the Ribono Shel Olam with all our hearts and with all our souls. None of this will be able to affect us. None of these reshaim have power over our hearts, minds and souls.

  6. WE MUST EITHER TAKE BACK THE Democratic party or vote in the Republican Lee Zeldin for governer. The second option is easier and it is still doable if we all get together. Else, there may be riots or we will all have to leave NY and the Yeshivas will all go broke. The askonim are all benefitting from their connections and can sell us out; even if they are orthodox.

    WAKE UP !!!!!


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