Nachal Chareidi Soldiers Humiliated

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idf-soldierYesterday, a ceremony marking a decade since the establishment of the Nachal Chareidi Brigade was marred, say soldiers, when chareiidi soldiers were humiliated. They had anticipated a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, but at the entrance to the event, the soldiers were required to lift their shirts and empty their bags and pockets.The ceremony was held at was held at the Hebrew University in Yerushalayim.

According to several soldiers who spoke to the religious media, the soldiers felt humiliated. “We know that dislike for chareidim is widespread,” one said. “But even in the military? Even at an event celebrating 10 years of this group?”

“We did not know if it’s a joke or in earnest,” said a soldier. “But when we saw how the officers were carefully examining us, we realized that the instructions they received from above, and that someone in the army ordered it. It was very humiliating.”

The purpose of the strict checking is not clear. An IDF spokesman said that the commanders had checked the soldiers in order to prevent any unpleasantness any provocation by soldiers who may be against the disbanding of settlement and the evction of homeowners from settlements.

{Yair Israel}


  1. To #1
    These ARE the Chareidim and these holy boys are protecting our people and our land.
    When Yehuda and his three brothers (the Maccabees)said “mi lashem ailai” he was enlisting them into the army to fight the yevanim with arms and Torah.
    These boys are not only fighting the Arab terrorists they are also fighting from within, fighting the leftist Jewish politicians who will sacrifice Jewish lives for the political advancement.
    Is it so dark in your little environment that you can’t see the light when it shines straight at you?

  2. Oh, and let’s not forget Shimshon Hagibor who fought the plishtim
    “the plishtim feared him (Shimshon) for twenty years after his death – corresponding to the twenty years they feared him during his lifetime (see Yerushalmi Sotah perek 1, halacha 8).

  3. these chareidim need our encouragement and support!not everyone is cut out for learninng and sitting in kollel. you may not appreciate them, but after all they’re putting their lives’ at risk in order to save….you

  4. Youve gotta be kidding. Comparing these at risk or fringe boys that cant learn with these massive Tzaddikim like Shimshon Hagibor, and The Heiliger Maccabim is absurd and frankly ignorant. We must support and encourage them but lets not forget HaShem and his Torah. The most important thing is Torah and Mitzvos not the IDF which as reported here forced these guys to listen to women singers, and uproot Yidden from their hom. The State of Israel’s IDF is not anything remotely similar to the Warriors who were Kedoshim Tehoirim Tzaddikim and Oskei Torasecha…

  5. i am ashamed at some of these comments i see on this site… i served 2 years combat in the nachal charedi brigade and i find it a personal insult how some people think of us… over 10 years ago israel bent over backwards trying to cater to the conditions necessary to facilitate charedim joining the army and most charedim rejected it… then when people actually joined nachal charedi risking their lives to protect these people, they mock us… We are far from the fringe of society we are shinning lights an example for people to follow.. mr normal i doubt very much your claims of normalcy… and chaim you should be ashamed of yourself… don’t you worry… every draft we increase our numbers there is no stopping us and the heights we are capable of reaching!!!!!

  6. Mr. Normal

    You are a complete ignoramus as Natan so painfully points out.
    Did you ever hear of the Hesder Yeshivot? There are more bachurim in these yesivot than there are in Lakewood and other yeshivot in chutz laaretz combined! These boys/soldiers you so ignorantly insult, learn in Yesivah in addition to training in the Army. They train for more years than the non religious because they are in Yeshiva learning. Fringe boys? You gotta be kidding me! Boy do you have a lot to learn! These boys are holy and they can be compared to the Macabees and Shimshon! They are continuing the work that needs to be done. Shame on you!

  7. if Israel soldiers feel “humiliated” on being searched by their own, how do you think Palestinians feel when they are similarly searched by Israelis?


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