Nadler’s Free Democratic Ride Into Congress Ends With Rosenberg On Ballot

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For the first time in 20 years, Brooklyn/Manhattan Congressman Jerrold Nadler will have to work to win Democratic Party voters approval to remain in office, Kings County Politics reports.

That after his insurgent opponent, Oliver Rosenberg, officially got on the ballot for the June 28 Democratic Party Congressional Primary this past week after the deadline passed with no challenges on his petitions, which garnered some 6,500 signatures.

“I’m very excited because this is the first primary in the 10th Congressional District in 20 years, and with over 80 percent of the voters in the district registered Democrats the real competition will be in the Democratic Primary,” said Rosenberg. “The whole petition process and being on the street was a great experience for me. The voters and people were very enthusiastic, and I’m very thankful to a lot of people in Manhattan and Kings County who turned out as volunteers in the petitioning process.” Read more Kings County Politics.



  1. If Nadler wins, every constituent in that district should be ASHAMED of themselves. Nadler betrayed every single one of you by supporting the Iran Deal.

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