Naftali Bennett Blasts MK Cohen for ‘Amalek’ Lingo, Says He’s Proud of Knitted Kippot,

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naftali-bennettHabayit HaYehudi chairman Naftali Bennett responded to comments of Rav Shalom Cohen about the Religious Zionism sector. Bennett reacted on his Facebook page yesterday morning, upset that Rabbi Cohen called those wearing knitted kippot – referring to some in the Religious Zionist community – “Amalek.”

Rav Cohen, Rosh Yeshivat Porat Yosef, crticized Rabbis Druckman and Shmuel Eliyahu as “Amalek” who destroy the Torah by supporting the Habayit Hayehudi arty headed by Bennett, explaining that Amalek was all about being “mekarer,” and that’s what Habayit Hayehudi has done by joining Yair Lapid, the Reform movement, and their cohorts.

“For those who do not know,” wrote Bennett, “Amalek is the expression referring to those who want to wipe us off the earth. At these moments, thousands of knitted kippot are on the Syrian border and the border of Egypt… These days memorial services are being held for my fellow soldiers from the Lebanon war, who gave their lives… They also, for G-d’s sake, called ‘Amalek.’

“At this moment, thousands of young men wearing knitted kippot, are sitting with their teachers and rabbis and learning Torah… and later they also serve in the IDF. All those have been called ‘Amalek.’

Bennett added later on, “On the eve of Tisha B’Av, I call all the leaders and representatives of the charedi community…and political representatives: Even if you are not in the government, even if there are political disputes, you must strongly condemn such discourse. I ask and expect that you do so this morning, before it’s too late. I will not tolerate the continued campaign of incitement against the community of kippot srugot(knitted kippot). I am proud of the kippot srugot.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. you didn’t post my comment but you posted so far 10 comments who agree that it’s okay to call your fellow torah observant Jew ‘Amalek’. Have you know decency or conscience? What have we become? Is this the way to bring Moshiach?

  2. It’s the Nine Days. Tomorrow night is Tisha b’Av. What are we thinking about? Why are we calling each other names at a time like this?

  3. This headline reminds me of the “Israeli Helicopters Strike Palestinian Village after Suicide Bombing” headlines that graced the New York Times in the early 2000s

  4. I proudly wear a srugi. These are the nine days. Bennett is shomer Shabbos, has made his money and is trying to help the klal. Lets refrain from any more destruction for at least the next few days while the beis hamikdash burns.

  5. daniel boone —This site is for the feel good people who self agrandize themselfs so they can feel good about themselfs,and they dont care what they utten hurtfull or not a shame on us all decent human beings

  6. Grow up already! What does the 9 days have to do with anything? And if its 3 days after Tisha Be’av then its ok? When people respond to any argument with “its Lashan Hora”, its before Yom Kippur, its before Tisha Be’av, its before Chanuka, before Purim, etc… It shows they have no answer! They can’t win the argument so might as well throw in the Lashan Hora


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