Nancy Pelosi: ‘Trump Is Goading Us To Impeach Him’ To Solidify His Base


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued Tuesday that President Donald Trump is trying to provoke Democrats into proceeding with impeachment, using some of her strongest language yet on the issue.

“Trump is goading us to impeach him,” she said at an event in New York City hosted by the Cornell University Institute of Politics and Global Affairs. “That’s what he’s doing. Every single day, he’s just like taunting, taunting, taunting because he knows that it would be very divisive in the country, but he doesn’t really care. He just wants to solidify his base.”

House Democratic leaders, including Pelosi, have worked to tamp down talk of impeachment for months. Pelosi has consistently emphasized that impeachment is extremely divisive, and in March she said Trump is “just not worth it.”

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  1. Stupid people! Do what you were elected to do! Have you done anything since you’ve entered office other than to turn DC into a battlefield? Shut up and do what you were elected to do! Do the work of the nation and end this stupidity!

  2. Why don’t we take a look at Ms. Pelosi’s millionaire husbands tax returns? Why don’t we follow the money trail of Ms. Pelosi’s reelection campaign? Why was Ms. Pelosi awarded with tenure in the Congress?

  3. (Gateway Pundit) – Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) refused to back down to Chairman Nadler during a hearing Wednesday and it was epic.
    Jordan, a minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, went off the Democrats for holding Bill Barr in contempt of Congress for following the law.
    “Bill Barr is following the law and what’s his reward? Democrats gotta hold him in contempt,” Jordan said arguing that the Democrats want to destroy Bill Barr because they are afraid of him because he rightly said, “spying did occur.”
    “He’s [Barr] going to get to the bottom of everything — he’s going to find out how and why this investigation started in the first place.” the Ohio lawmaker said.
    Chairman Nadler tried to interrupt Jim Jordan as the Republican Congressman pointed out that Bill Barr used the term “political surveillance.”
    Rep. Jordan wasn’t having it — “I will not yield!” Jordan said and continued with his tirade.
    Bill Barr is following the law. What’s his reward? Democrats are going to hold him in contempt.
    President Trump on Wednesday asserted executive privilege over the full, unredacted version of Mueller’s report and the House Dems voted to hold AG Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to give Congress the full report and underlying grand jury material.
    The Dem-controlled Judiciary Committee chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), held a vote Wednesday morning and voted on party lines — 22 Dems to 12 Republicans.
    The measure will then move to the full House for a vote later this month.
    Jim Jordan is correct — the Democrats are afraid of Bill Barr because unlike his predecessor, Jeff Sessions, he is about the rule of law and will not cower in the face of screeching Dems.

    • I agree %100. Jeff Sessions is a true disgrace. That dumb loser will go down as the worst AG in American history.


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