NASA Finds Lake on Mars

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mars-lakeNASA’s Curiosity rover has made another major discovery on Mars, this time evidence of a “fresh water” lake with such little salinity and neutral-enough acidity that it theoretically could have supported life.

The lake existed many years ago.

While scientists have long held that Mars was once a wetter planet, prior breakthroughs found evidence of water that was far too acidic.

“If we put microbes from Earth and put them in this lake on Mars, would they survive? Would they survive and thrive? And the answer is yes,” said John Grotzinger, the chief scientist of the Curiosity rover mission. Read more at the Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Lets all move there. What does a 4 bedroom house cost over there? Are there school vouchers there? Do they give parking tickets there?

  2. I believe it like man landed on the moon. Oh I hope this time they dont mess up the way they messed up last time with the flag swaying in the wind in outer space.


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