NASA Honors John Glenn With Special Tribute


John Glenn flies again!

About 7,600 pounds of cargo are now zooming to the International Space Station inside Orbital ATK’s Cygnus cargo ship, which has been dubbed the SS John Glenn as a tribute to the late astronaut and senator. Orbital ATK’s Frank Culbertson, himself a former astronaut, said it’s a tribute to the national hero who surged the U.S.’s young space industry with his historic flight 55 years ago, becoming the first American to orbit the Earth.

“It’s just a great tenor to put John Glenn’s name in space again, he said.”

The Cygnus cargo ship successfully separated from the nearly 200-foot-tall Atlas 5 rocket, which propelled the Cygnus to 10,000 mph and onward toward the orbiting laboratory. The spent rocket fell back to Earth and splashed down in the ocean south of Australia, according to NASA. Read more at FOX NEWS.



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