NASA To Fly Helicopter Over Mars

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With eight successful Mars landings, NASA is upping the ante with the spacecraft Perseverance. Set for liftoff this week, the newest rover is taking a helicopter along for an otherworldly test flight.

The 4-pound helicopter, Ingenuity, will travel to Mars clutching the rover’s belly and, a few months after touchdown, attempt to fly solo. Once dropping onto the Martian surface, Ingenuity will start out like a baby bird, rising 10 feet into the planet’s extremely thin atmosphere and flying forward up to 6 feet. With each attempt, it will try to go a little higher and farther.

Read more at CBS News. 



  1. Earth to Rogue leader. Can we just have a corn soup? Its too smelly at NASA.

    Bar rooms matter. Conversation!

  2. As if the world has no bigger problems or more pressing needs than spending billions of dollars to explore Mars at a better angle.

    For the sake of what?


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