Nation Marks 50 Years After Apollo 11′S ‘Giant Leap’ On Moon

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On July 20, 1969, millions of people around the world watched on TV as Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong took his historic step into the pages of history.

A breathtaking achievement, the mission delivered on President Kennedy’s 1961 promise to land an American on the Moon by the end of that decade. With the American Flag flying proudly on the Sea of Tranquility, the U.S. had finally won its space race with the Soviet Union.

The Moon landing was also a truly global event. An estimated 650 million people around the world watched the Moon landing on TV, according to NASA.

Events were held across the globe to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing.

Apollo 11 Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, and Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, attended an event at the White House Friday to commemorate the epic mission. Family members of Armstrong, who passed away in 2012, were also present.

“Tomorrow will represent 50 years from the time we planted a beautiful American flag on the moon,” said President Donald Trump. The Moon landing, he added, is “considered one of the great achievements ever.” Read more at FOX NEWS.



  1. Nothing to get excited about because it was proven to be a hoax and an unbelievable waste of money. The astronauts were warned to keep silent or suffer the penalty of death! No doubt Ilan Ramon was killed by NASA for wanted to back out to reveal the truth.

    NASA was created in 1958 and already 11 years later they were able to fly astronauts to the moon? You have to be a first-class idiot to believe it.

    • There were over 400,000 people working for NASA to get men on the moon and I know one of them.
      Only an idiot would believe the hoax theory without a shed of evidence.

  2. Who proved it to be a hoax???
    Tell me.
    Your science fiction; is pure fiction. Your the idiot who doesn’t recognize his own idiocy!!


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