Nazi Erich Priebke Secretly Buried

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erich-priebkeErich Priebke, the deceased Nazi war criminal whom no nation wanted to bury, has been secretly laid to rest in an abandoned Italian prison cemetery, his grave marked only by a number.

Priebke, who was extradited to Italy in 1995 to face trial after hiding out in Argentina for 50 years, died last month at age 100.

Priebke was defiantly unapologetic for his crimes, insisting he was only following commands when he ordered the massacre of 335 Italians during World War II.

Germany and Argentina refused to take the former SS captain’s body, and the mayor of Rome forbid his burial in the city where he spent the final years of his life under house arrest. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. “abandoned” was made up, not sure by whom.
    Both the NYT and Repubblica don’t refer to any abandoned prison. According to the latter, this specific prison was chosen because its current inmates are mostly African immigrants who are unlikely to honor him or even to know who he was.

  2. Before you comment #1 read the article. it clearly says the first paragraph The prison graveyard had been abandoned for years and was overgrown with weeds, the paper said. I really wonder why people post comments before they even read maybe it’s a result of unresolved anger.?

  3. Normal,

    Why is it that you assume #1’s issue is related to unresolved anger? Are you perhaps a closet modern day “misyaven” who tries to blame all human infallibility on Freudian “kefirashe” ideas that deny bechira? Huh?!

    I knew it!

  4. No not at all. Unresolved anger just means someone that did not work on himself ever achieve high levels of bitachon and therefore he gets angry at other people instead of realizing that everything is from hashem. I believe that if someone does not work on his kaas he has unresolved anger that is taken out at others. Maybe work on seeing the good in others.


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