Nazi Hunter Tuvia Friedman, Who Helped Catch Eichmann, Passes Away

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tuvia-friedmanNazi hunter Tuvia Friedman z”l passed away in Haifa last week at the age of 89. A native of Radom, Poland and a Holocaust survivor, after the war he collaborated with well-known Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and helped in the capture of Adolf Eichmann and in bringing him to trial in Jerusalem. The two worked together to capture and bring to justice numerous Nazi war criminals, with the assistance of the U.S. Army.

After the U.S. Army stopped court-martialing Nazis, Friedman moved to Israel while Wiesenthal remained in Vienna, and their paths separated. In Haifa, Friedman founded the Institute of Documentation, where he gathered testimonies regarding Nazi crimes and published hundreds of books and publications on the Holocaust. In 2002 the Haifa Municipality made Friedman an Honorary Citizen.

This week, the Friedman family complained that no government body in Israel ever officially recognized his work.

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