Nearly 25% Of Deaths In Israel Are From Cancer

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About a quarter of Israeli deaths are caused by cancer, according to a Central Bureau of Statistics report published Wednesday.

In 2016, 43,966 civilians died in Israel, representing 0.5% of Israel’s population in that year. 49.4% of the dead were men, while 50.6% were women. 81% of the dead were over age 65 (of which 66% were over the age of 75 and 38% were over the age of 85). Six percent were under the age of 45, 1.3% were infants up to one year old.

The second most common cause of death is heart disease (15.3% of the cases). Only 4% of deaths are caused by traffic accidents, suicides, and homicides.

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  1. Fake news. Measles is the number 1 killer in Israel. Whoever spreads the deadly disease is a rodef and a rotziach. A rasha of the worst kind who has no cheleck in olam haba. Cancer pales in comparison to the dreaded measles.

    • You mean the deadly “measles vaccination” that had killed more than 100 people between 2004 and 2015 and not 1 person (zero people) died from getting natural measles, as the CDC and VAERS had reported. You need to review what you write.

  2. The cancer industry proudly flaunts statistics on its progress in curing the disease. This is based on the number of years they are prolonging the suffering and false hope with their treatments of “cut, burn, and poison.” B”H there are a few who have been successfully treated, but a very small minority. People talk about fighting it, being strong, but how much of a fight can overcome the tsunami of the poisons destroying the body and it’s immune system?

    There is hope, but big pharma is not revealing it to us. Please see TY Bolinger’s epic series, called the Global Cure, in which he went all over the world to interview professional people, doctors, scientists, clinics, who have been successful in treating the disease. From a virus called Rigvir from Riga, Latvia to a German clinic which increases one’s immune cells called dendrites, to Mexico where there are many techniques, including infusing the body with high levels of oxygen, or giving insulin along with low levels of chemo, or giving IV high doses of vitamin C, etc. There are so many possibilities today, all scientifically documented, all being performed by professionals. If only more people could be exposed to this!!!!!

  3. But all of these places recommend a more plant-based diet. If we could just cut out the sugar, refined wheat, and other junk, we would be our way to at least a bit of prevention…..VeNishmartem Al Nafshosachem

  4. In my first comment, I mistakenly used the word ” it’s” instead of its (possessive) at the end of the first paragraph.
    Pardon the typo.


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