Nearly 50 Million Fake Twitter Accounts Are Being Sold To Real Users

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A New York Times investigation revealed that an approximate 48 million Twitter users are fake profiles “designed to simulate real people,” which can be sold to customers trying to gain more followers.

The fake accounts being sold are imitating real people, with only slight changes in usernames or photos. Per the Times, the accounts “borrowed social identities from Twitter users” all over the world, “from adults and minors alike.” A former Twitter engineer told the Times: “Twitter as a social network was designed with almost no accountability.” Read more at AXIOS.



  1. There once were hollow men
    Made of only dust and smoke
    And every now and then
    Up their phony heads would poke

    They exit but to distort
    The truth they will conceal
    Only falseness they report
    Creating facts that aren’t real

    Facts that don’t exist
    Events that never were
    Deeds to turn and twist
    Truths to hide and blur

    You have a brain, you have two eyes
    And G-d-gave you common sense
    Seek the truth; see through the lies
    Ignore purveyers of pretense

  2. such a corrupt & dishonest world we are living in today

    twitter should be sued by all the businesses buying these fake peoples accounts for allowing this to happen.

  3. If I would open a Twitter or Facebook account I would definitely use a fake profile. Why should I publicize my personal information?


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