Nearly One Third of ICU Coronavirus Patients in a Houston Hospital System Are Reportedly Under 50


Texas has emerged as one of the United States’ coronavirus hot spots in recent weeks, and data shows the recent spike doesn’t completely match up with the early days of the pandemic in terms of demographics.

Back in April, when the virus first peaked, most of the patients testing positive in the Houston Methodist Hospital system were over 50, The New York Times reports. Now, the majority are reportedly relatively young. And while it’s widely believed younger, healthier people are at a lower risk of developing severe infections or dying, there are no guarantees. In the Methodist system, nearly one-third of intensive care patients are under 50, which the Times notes is higher than the previous surge.

Meanwhile, The Texas Tribune and Fox4 in Dallas previously reported that people under 50 made up 50 percent of those hospitalized with the virus in June, as well as 30 percent of those in intensive care.

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  1. Loads of earthquakes in Texas after Texas D.U.M.Ps (tunnels) are being cleaned up and children are rescued, hence nearly 1/3 of ICU patients are under 50.


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