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Mekor HaChinuch is the innovative creation of Mrs. Lea Schlesinger, M.S. Ed., a veteran educator who saw the need to assist students who were not succeeding in the school system. Mrs. Schlesinger, M.S. Ed. discovered that students with learning challenges were being given remedial help during class time and thus were absent when new material was being taught. Mrs. Schlesinger, M.S. Ed., pondered the idea of establishing an entity that would help students with learning challenges thrive. Mrs. Schlesinger, M.S. Ed., then embarked on a mission to create small and individualized classes with adequate support where students could be granted the opportunity to actualize their given potential.

The initiation of Mekor HaChinuch was a single class comprised of five students held within the domain of a local Lakewood school. Today Mekor HaChinuch constitutes 16 classes in various schools throughout Lakewood, totaling an average of 150 students being serviced each year. The students of Mekor HaChinuch participate in all the goings-on of their host schools and attend school functions, eat lunch together, and play with the other students at recess. This integration enables the Mekor HaChinuch students to feel a part of the larger student body and ensures that to the outsider their secret is safe.

The staff of Mekor HaChinuch is highly trained and fully equipped to engage in unparalleled classroom instruction. Mekor HaChinuch strives to reach the students by ascertaining which methodologies will be beneficial to their learning, and then by implementing them as deemed fit. Rebbeim and teachers incorporate all mediums of learning into their classes, thereby ensuring that all the students whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners, will be able to master the material taught.  The Rebbeim and teachers also offer the students strategies to improve their concentration and focusing abilities, which further enables the students to perform to the utmost degree.

There is a high ratio of staff to students with two or three educators for up to ten students. This intimate environment allows for strong connections between the staff and students. The students are cared for and doted on by loving and devoted Rebbeim, teachers, and assistants. These strong bonds sustain the students and give them the impetus to achieve. The classrooms are fun-filled, stress-free, and engaging. In Mekor Hachinuch, the students experience a safe haven brimming with love and joy.

Aside from the outstanding educators that are employed by Mekor HaChinuch, others are involved in providing for the students. Mekor HaChinuch maintains personal relationships with psychiatrists, social workers, occupational therapists, and speech therapists who are all working to benefit the students. The services provided by these professionals complement the doings of the Rebbeim and teachers to create an avenue for optimal success.

Mekor HaChinuch has achieved great heights with virtually all their students. Each year, one third of the students from Mekor HaChinuch are mainstreamed successfully. Students from Mekor HaChinuch go on to attend mainstream Mesivtas and High Schools. These students often remark that it is due to the skills and encouragement they were given during their years at Mekor HaChinuch that granted them the ability to accomplish later on in life.

Evidently, the cost of maintaining Mekor HaChinuch is enormous. While there are government subsidies available for the General Studies department, there is no match for the Limudei Kodesh department. This leaves the parent body to shoulder the cost of the program.

Mekor Hachinuch Yearly Budget Exceeds $1.2 Million:

  • $775K- salaries for the Rebbeim, Teachers, and assistants
  • $170K- supervisors of the program
  • $112.5K- program office
  • $225K- overhead and taxes


We turn to you with the fervent hope that you can help us continue the incredible work of Mekor HaChinuch and sustain our mission that every child when given the chance, can and will succeed. Please open your hearts to the plight of our students and support us graciously. It is only with your generous assistance that Mekor HaChinuch can go on educating students and empowering lives.



Right now we have the opportunity to ensure that every child can succeed academically, socially and emotionally!

Until Tuesday, June 19 at 8 PM, your gift to Mekor Hachinuch will be tripled.




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