Ne’emas Bais Yaakov Dinner This Motzoei Shabbos: A New Light In The Torah Landscape of Lakewood


Although it is only in its first year of existence, Ne’emas Bais Yaakov girls elementary school has already gained a reputable name in the Lakewood community for its exceptional level of education and the warm and loving environment provided for the students.

Ne’emas Bais Yaakov opened this year with its first class of girls. It was initiated after Rabbi Kalman Katz was approached by local community leaders and asked to open a girl’s elementary school due to the incredible growth of Lakewood and the surrounding areas, which has led to the need to establish another exceptional mossad of chinuch habanos in addition to the existing wonderful Bais Yaakovs in Lakewood.

Rabbi Katz agreed to accept this mission and set about laying the foundations for Ne’emas Bais Yaakov. Mrs. Sarah Sussman, a respected longtime Mechaneches, was hired to serve as the full-time Menaheles of the new school, and took on the role of overseeing every aspect of the curriculum and educational standards. Rabbi Mordechai Bernstein, a well-known communal activist with a long history of accomplishments in many areas, was then asked to become involved with the new school and take an integral role in putting it on its feet and in the continued operations. Hadracha in the opening of the school was provided by Rav Nosson Stein shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Toras Chessed, who continues to serve as a revered guide for the young mossad.

As the school year began, Ne’emas Bais Yaakov had the warm, personal feel of a small school, yet also the professionalism and stability of an established mossad hachinuch, due to the extensive preparations and experience of the staff. A primary goal of Ne’emas Bais Yaakov is to provide a warm environment where each talmidah truly feels at home. This personalized atmosphere works hand-in-hand with the high-level chinuch that is truly fitting for a Lakewood Bais Yaakov.

Ne’emas Bais Yaakov will be holding a Melava Malka Dinner this Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Beshalach at Glatt Ambience, located on Kennedy Blvd. in Glatt Bite Plaza in Lakewood, NJ. The event will be held for parents and friends of the school, as well as for the community at large and anyone interested in learning more about this vibrant, young mossad of chinuch habanos. A highlight of the evening will be a fascinating Chinuch Panel with esteemed mechanchim discussing pertinent educational topics. All are invited to attend and to familiarize themselves with this new shining star on the horizon of the Ihr Hatorah.



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