Neglect at Bais Hachaim in NJ

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Dear Editor,
I passed by a Bais Hachaim, Grove Street in Newark, NJ, again this week and was disturbed to find that nothing has improved, on the contrary the neglect is worse and many more matziavos are in disrepair / damaged. It was reported briefly online, but otherwise I’m disturbed by the lack of attention to this situation.
It have heard that part of this cemetery is under the auspices of a Conservative congregation due to changes/ merges that took place many years ago among shuls that were originally Orthodox. however the Orthodox community should still care about this situation especially since there are kevarim of some great people here;
If anyone has any ideas information on how people can assist please post.
Good Shabbos.
Chaim Bamberger


  1. Mr. Bamberger,

    Thank you for your concern. Please let me know how I may reach you to discuss this. The publisher here Rav Pinny Lipschutz) has my contact information.
    Thank you, Git Vuch.

    Moredechai Roth – Monsey


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