Netanhayu Reportedly Bows to Obama on 1967 Borders

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netanyahuPresident Barack Obama has wrung a big concession from Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu who has essentially agreed to accept the 1967 borders as a starting point for peace talks with the Palestinians, according to an Israeli TV report on Monday.

The decision by Netanyahu represents a dramatic policy shift for the Israeli prime minister who was incensed in May when Obama publicly proposed that the 1967 borders be the basis for negotiations with the Palestinians.

Obama’s position was seen by many as a sharp departure from longstanding U.S. policy, although the White House insisted it was not.

According to a report on Israeli public radio, Netanyahu put his position in writing and expressed in that document that he is not willing to return to the borders that predate the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. He will also insist in any negotiations that demographic changes since 1967 – meaning Jewish settlement of the West Bank – be taken into account.

“We are willing in a framework of restarting the peace talks to accept a proposal that would contain elements that would be difficult for Israel and we would find very difficult to endorse,” an anonymous Israeli official told the AP.

Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts have gone nowhere since Obama took office and the president and Netanyahu are widely reported to have a frosty relationship.

The White House last night had no comment on the report.

By accepting the outlines of Obama’s framework, Netanyahu is endorsing a process that would involve Israel handing over some lands inside its side of the ’67 border in exchange for keeping some territory on the West Bank.

According to a report on Israeli public radio, Netanyahu put his position in writing – expressing in a document that he is not willing to return to the borders that predate the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 and will insist that demographic changes – meaning Jewish settlement of the West Bank – since then be taken into account.

When questioned by Agence France Presse, a senior Israeli official, who requested anonymity, confirmed that “Israel is ready to be flexible regarding efforts to resume a direct dialogue with the Palestinians.”

The official added that “Israel did not dismiss the American proposals aimed at establishing the future borders” of a Palestinian state.

The Obama administration and the Palestinians have in the past called on Israel to halt settlement construction activity in the West Bank in order to facilitate peace talks, and there are no reports that Netanyahu’s agreement to negotiate on the basis of the ’67 borders includes a pledge to pause construction.

As peace talks have broken down in recent months, Palestinians have been pursuing a controversial effort to be formally recognized by the U.N., a move that is widely expected to further set back peace talks and is opposed by the United States.

The current peace process has been hampered by Netanyahu’s unwillingness to halt settlement activity in the West Bank, intransigence which has contributed tensions between the U.S. and Israel.

On the Palestinian side, a reconciliation agreement between Fatah, the main political party, and Hamas, which controls the Gaza strip and is considered a terror group by the U.S., has thrown a roadblock in front of further discussions between the Israelis and Palestinians. Hamas has consistently called for Israel’s destruction, which is why Israel doesn’t want to participate in negotiations with them.

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  1. Netanyahu on tape, 2001:

    Netanyahu exposed the naked truth to his hosts at Ofra: he destroyed the Oslo accords with his own hands and deeds, and he’s even proud of it. After years in which we were told that the Palestinians are to blame, the truth has emerged from the horse’s mouth.

    And how did he do it? He recalled how he conditioned his signing of the 1997 Hebron agreement on American consent that there be no withdrawals from “specified military locations,” and insisted he choose those same locations, such as the whole of the Jordan Valley, for example. “Why is that important? Because from that moment on I stopped the Oslo Accords,” he boasts. The real Netanyahu also brags about his knowledge of America: “I know what America is. America is something that can be moved easily.” For the White House’s information.

  2. Anybody who has been following Israeli politics for more than two months recognises this whole hoopla over “67 bordrrs” as pure naarishkeit. OF course Netanyahu (at least officialy) accepts it, he says he supports the “peace process” On what borders do you think the “peace process” has been based since it became popular with Oslo, continuing with Wye river memorandum (under Netanyahu btw), the 2000 Camp david Accords, and sharons disengagment, wht borders served as a basis for all of those as well as ALL discussions in between? To whta borders did EVERY SINGLE president since johnson call for Israel to return to?
    Where they the 37 Peel comission borders?
    The 47 PArtition plan?
    The June 48′ ceasefire line
    The 49′ armistice line/pre 67 border?
    The post 67′ borders?
    Which af the above 5 choices (or insert your own) has always served as a basis for the “peace process”

  3. so he accepts GW Bush’s brokered peace plan offered to Abbas in 2008 by Olmert and Bush this big final settlement which Bush pridefully bragged about in his book Decision Points:

    “Ehud Olmert stated that on “August 31, 2008, three weeks before he resigned, he offered 100 percent of West Bank land ( 6.8% in land swaps), 10,000 Palestinian refugees returning to Israel’s final borders, and the holy basin of Jerusalem’s Old City coming under joint Israeli-Palestinian-American- Jordanian-Saudi control. He last met with Abbas on September 16 of that year – five days before he resigned, and more than six months before he left office – and Abbas did not respond or make a counteroffer.”
    Jerusalem Post

    As GW Bush said in 2005 before he brought it to the finish line in 2008:
    GW BUSH: “Israel must continue to take steps toward a peaceful future, and work with the Palestinian leadership to improve the daily lives of Palestinians, especially their humanitarian situation. Israel should not undertake any activity that contravenes road map obligations or prejudice final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. Therefore, Israel must remove unauthorized outposts and stop settlement expansion….Any final status agreement must be reached between the two parties, and changes to the 1949 Armistice Lines must be mutually agreed to. A viable two-state solution must ensure contiguity on the West Bank, and a state of scattered territories will not work. ( There must also be meaningful linkages between the West Bank and Gaza). This is the position of the United States today; it will be the position of the United States at the time of final status negotiations…”

  4. Bibi is too smart and too much of a mentch to give it away just because Mr. O’bomb’a said so. Gotta read between the lines.

  5. this agreement is the middle part of the nevua (prophecy) Hashem gave to Zecharia Hanavi of whats going to happen before mashiach comes. first was gush katif now this THE NEVUA SAYS that half of yerushalyim will be given up before mashiach comes & there will be a war.

    (many more messages hashem gave to zecharia of what will happen before mashiach ciomes CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF & WATCH IT HAPPEN/ING)


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