Netanyahu’s Office Disappointed That Abbas Has Not Condemned Recent Terror Attacks

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abbas-netanyahuAn official spokesperson of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu took to Twitter on Wednesday in order to strongly criticize Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for not condemning Tuesday’s killing of an Israeli citizen, Israel’s Channel 10 reported.

On Tuesday, a 22- year-old Israeli working on the security fence surrounding the Gaza Strip was shot and killed by a sniper firing from within Gaza.

“We are disappointed that so far Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] has not condemned these acts as we would expect from someone who is supposed to be a partner in peace talks,” wrote spokesman Ofir Gendelman.

Gendelman’s Twitter statement, aimed directly at Arab media outlets, went further, claiming that the recent rash of terrorist attacks against Israelis are a direct result of the incitement and hatred that is regularly transmitted through Arab media as well as the Palestinian Authority’s education system.


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  1. Is BiBi dor real? This guy is involved till his eyes! His only regret was that the victim wasn’t a Jew! Besides he was to busy promoting yushka’s heritage and arrangements of parties and gifts fr the next wave of terrorists.

  2. Disappointed??? That one terrorist hasn’t “condemned” (whatever that means) the acts of another terrorist???
    I’m so ashamed at how stupid Israel’s government has become!


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