Netanyahu Accuses Ban Ki Moon of Encouraging Palestinian Terrorism

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon was “encouraging terror” in response to harsh remarks made by Ban that “it is human nature to react to occupation.”

Ban made the statement one day after Palestinian terrorists murdered a 24-year-old Israeli woman in a stabbing attack in Beit Choron near Yerushalayim.

Ban Ki Moon spoke about the current situation in the Middle East at the UN Security Council this evening. He said that the year 2016 has started with “unacceptable levels of violence” in the Middle East and placed the blame primarily on Israel.

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  1. Ban Ki Moon is tart hate.

    He is not the human fidelity of human learned spirit.

    A cold head and a classless sanity.

    Netanyahu is forcing no view of hate on the world.

    This guy is a terrorist enabler with meant words of nasty negligent hate. He should be replaced.


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