Netanyahu Asks For Legal Opinion On Deporting Families Of Terrorists

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked Israeli Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit for his legal opinion on the possibility of “transferring families who assist terror” from Israel to Gaza, according to a formal letter released Wednesday.

“Many of the terrorist acts over the last few months were carried out by those who fit the profile of ‘lone attackers,’” Netanyahu wrote in the letter. “These attackers sometimes come from families who encourage and support their actions.”

Netanyahu argued that “the use of this tool will significantly decrease terrorist attacks against Israel and its residents.”

Mandelblit, however, recently said during multiple Israeli cabinet meetings that deportation of terrorists’ families would violate both Israeli and international law, the Jerusalem Post reported.


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  1. Deport families? – that even sounds too cruel – Netanyahu has no intent to actually go along with it, just a diversionary tactic to make himself look right wing. Instead, let israeli child services take all the families’ minors into state ran institutions( where they’ll be raised as Zionist Arabs) – for the safety and benefit of the children of course. Take away all assets that are suspected to have come around any terrorist – that would be most of their money, cars, houses. Don’t destroy houses – have public auctions where proceeds go to terror victims. Actually prosecute family members for being accessories to crime. Bring back the death penalty for convicted terrorists.


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