Netanyahu At SpaceX Moon Launch: We Sent Up A Tanach And An Israeli Flag

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via Belaaz

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was at the spacecraft launching ceremony for the SpaceX rocket sending up the first Israeli ship to the Moon.

Speaking at the event, Netanayhu pointed out that Israel will become the fourth country to land on the Moon, with the other ones being America, China and Russia.

“There are four countries that launched a spacecraft to the moon, one of them is 800 times bigger than we are, one of them 500 times bigger, and one that is a little less than that. We are a small country, but huge in achievements and in the capacity of our initiative. I hope that the spacecraft to Mars is already being planned,” he said.

Netanyahu also mentioned a few items he asked to be ppart of the mission to the Moon, including a sefer of Tanach.

“I asked to send up together with the rocket, a Tanach, an Israeli flag and a place that’s says “AM Yisrael Chai” on the moon.



    • My r”y said ‘we have a new MOONdina’ He doesn’t like to say MEDENA, but he gave a heter to MOONdina.
      Gevaldik, myane toyra kvallening.

  1. Let’s hope that this will be a siman tov not only for the simple meaning of עטרת תפארת לעמוסי בטן, but for Chazal’s intent in the rest of that sentence as well, שהן עתידין להתחדש כמותה – as the Maharsha says, עטרת מלוכה שתחזיר לבית דוד אחר שחסרה


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