Netanyahu: Avigdor Liberman Misled Voters, Is Part Of The Left Wing Bloc


Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to the approval of the law to dissolve the 21st Knesset, a month after it was sworn in.

“The Israeli public made a clear and unequivocal decision: That I would be prime minister and that the Likud would lead a right-wing government. The public chose me to lead the State of Israel. The various parties that ran for Knesset, many of them said they would support me. 60 out of the 65 mandates granted to the right did what they undertook upon themselves to do. One party did the exact opposite. Avigdor Liberman misled his voters. From the get go, he had no intention of joining the government,” said Netanyahu.

“All of the requests and demands of Yisrael Beytenu were repeatedly rejected. I presented a proposal. He rejected it. He wanted, in the most clear way, to bring down the government. He did it to scrape a few more seats which he thinks he can get. For the second time he has dragged the country to unnecessary elections due to his own political ego,” he continues.

“Avigdor Liberman is now part of the left. He brings down right-wing governments. Don’t believe him again. I will tell you about it tomorrow. Maybe I will tell you some things you don’t know.”

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  1. Common sense that Lieberman is a leftist. Any party that’s against chareidim or against religious boys learning Torah or doesn’t believe in G-d, is part of the left wing bloc. Who thought differently? I’m shocked that Bibi was able to be fooled by Lieberman. I thought he was smarter than that.

  2. Yeam Liberman is a trickster who cannot be trusted. But going to elections is the best thing. I believe the Israeli public is so fed up with elections that he won’t get his seats back. Netanyahu’s job now is to take care of VOTER APATHY. Appeal to the Israeli public to go to the voting booths, as a nation we have to come together and build with Bennet and Shaked that is a strong Gov’t.


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