Netanyahu Calls For Barring All Foreign Government Funding To Israeli NGOs


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday that he would seek to push forward ever more stringent regulations of foreign funding of Israeli NGOs, a move that has been denounced as the latest attempt to stifle human rights organizations in Israel.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu said during a meeting that the controversial NGO law passed in 2016 was not strong enough, and that the Israeli government needed to prevent any foreign government funding from reaching NGOs.

Israel’s controversial “NGO transparency” law passed last summer, compelling organizations to reveal their sources of funding if more than 50 percent came from public foreign entities. Read more here.



  1. These foreign sponsored traitors should be prosecuted as such. There already are laws against treason, just enforce the current laws.

  2. The problem isn’t just foreign governments, it’s also the foreign organisations they fund that then fund the anti-israel organizations in Israel.


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