Netanyahu Calls For ‘Red Line’ On Iran; Rejects Palestinian’s ‘Libelous’ Charges


netanyahu[Video below.] Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu laid out in some detail this afternoon his nation’s case for taking stronger action against Iran and his nation’s response to what he said are “libelous” accusations about how Israel treats Palestinians.

Taking to the stage just minutes after the head of the Palestinian Authority, Benjamin Netanyahu told United Nations delegates this afternoon that Israelis and Palestinians “won’t solve our conflicts with libelous speeches at the U.N.”

Netanyahu, directly addressing earlier comments by Mahmoud Abbas – who accused Israel of waging a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” against Palestinians – said peace will only come if Israelis and Palestinians “sit together, negotiate together and reach a mutual compromise.”

And there must be, he said, “a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the one and only Jewish state.”

Netanyahu also used his address to repeat something he’s said many times in recent months: that a nuclear-armed Iran would be a threat to peace not only in the Middle East, but around the world.

After ticking off the evidence that he says points to Iran’s support of terrorism around the world, Netanyahu said that “given this record of Iranian aggression without nuclear weapons, just imagine Iranian aggression with nuclear weapons.”

And Netanyahu cast doubt on the theory that “mutual deterrence” would prevent a nuclear-armed Iran from ever using such weapons. He said it is “absurd” to suggest, “that a nuclear-armed Iran would actually stabilize the Middle East.”

“The hour is getting late, very late” to stop Iran from obtaining such weapons, Netanyahu warned.

“We must face the truth,” he added: Economic sanctions have not stopped Iran’s nuclear program. What’s needed, he said, is “a clear red line on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

The red line that Iran must not cross, Netanyahu said, is “amassing enough enriched uranium” to produce a nuclear weapon.

Using an illustration of a bomb and lines across it marking three stages of the developments necessary to assemble a bomb, Netanyahu said the red line must be drawn before the point where Iran moves to develop highly enriched uranium. That point will come “by next spring or summer,” he said, according to information published by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“Faced with a clear red line,” that marks the point where it could face military action, “Iran will back down,” Netanyahu predicted. His text is due to be posted here.

For the record, Iranian leaders have repeatedly said they are pursuing nuclear power for peaceful purposes.



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  1. Has everyone else noticed that in EVERY article regarding nuclear Iran, the disclaimer that Iran is only pursuing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes?

  2. its sad & tragic that the situation in klal yisroel needs to continue getting worse & worse & it saddens me alot too. due to the main fact that we are not coming together as a nation to return to Hashem & do Teshuva.

    make a zman Teshuva with Kinus & fasting etc..

    Like in the days of Purim with Mordechai Hatzadik in Shushan

    so many tragedies have happened recently-over the past couple of years-in so many categories from 1)so many Tzaddikim leaving us to the olam Haemes (the true world) at young ages & very close to one another i.e. every few days compared to months. 2) innocent families & kids destroyed in tragic ways that has shaken up klal yisroel into a zman of endless tzaros 3)Iran getting closer & closer to accomplishing their mission of Nuclear weapons & striking Israel & the world C”V

    its tragic that anyone would say that they look forward to this & await for it to come C”V. BUT When a son knows his parents or a Talmid his rebbe’s cheshbon, he never questions them, we had so many years to change our ways before the Melech Malchei Ha’melochim had to bring us to this situation Rachmana L’tzlan.

    Halevei if anyone knew the other side of the story & Hashems Cheshbon why this is Happening & why obama is president, then you will not be surprised if obama wins for president another 4 years C”V

    may we not need any more tzaros & may mashiach come ASAP

  3. There are many calendars in the world. Jewish 5773; Christian/Gregorian 2013; Muslim 1433; Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Red Line Soon ???The divine timetable will trump all others. What does this mean ? (Like Bibi’s presentation, I’ll use the KISS method here, i.e. Keep It Simple Stupid.) Well, looking back from 2050 what are the various scenarios that can play out over the ensuing 37 years ? Which narrative should prevail ?

    I repeat…

    There is an optimal solution to the Iran/West imbroglio. Any “genius” strategist out there who says that 500 Israelis, 5,000 American Servicemen and Women and 500,000 Iranians can dies in nice little “necessary” war is insane. Napoleon said…”Strategy is the art of using time and space well !” Take note all…G-d is the master strategist par excellence.

    Shabbat Shalom !


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