Netanyahu Compares Khamenei to Hitler


ayatollah-ali-khameneiIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu compared Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei to Adolf Hitler, during a visit to Moscow today.

‘Hitler first began conquering the world and then started to develop nuclear arms. Khamenei is going the opposite way,’ Netanyahu said ahead of a meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

The Israeli premier Iran’s controversial nuclear programme was once more in the spotlight in view of the upheavals in the Middle East, the news agency Ria Novosti reported.

The growing tensions in the region ‘increase various risks, and radical Islamic movements could take advantage of these risks,’ Netanyahu told journalists, referring to Iran.

‘The most important thing now is not to allow Iran to develop its own nuclear arms,’ he said. ‘If they manage to develop nuclear arms this regime will never fall. And they will threaten other countries.’

He said: ‘Iran is controlled by Khamenei. I see his bigotry and hatred for the modern world.’

The Israeli leader accused Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who is also visiting Moscow, of not wanting to resume peace talks with Israel.

Abbas, he said, travels all over the world, but had no desire to visit Israel.

The Palestinian leader met Medvedev on Tuesday. After the talks, he announced a meeting of the Middle East Quartet in Berlin on April 15.

Russia, which is a member of the diplomatic foursome along with the UN, EU and US, has been trying to play a mediating role in the Middle East for years.



  1. A national leader pigeonholing another is as old as the book. It is always necessary to be balanced in one’s views of another human being. However if we see a person’s character as immutable and unchangeable we limit their potential. If a father sees his child as something the child due to the power dynamic will usually become what the father expects. There are serious points of difference between the leaders of Iran and Israel. Two proud and ancient cultures at loggerheads in their vision for the region. Deep down however we are all G-d’s children. Two three year olds, one Jewish and one Persian will end up playing together under the right conditions. Pigeonholing is various dangerous because it sets up certain relationship dynamics between various parties. This occurs in families, organisations, political parties and workplaces. All the leaders and especially the Jewish ones must subsume their egos and plans to the higher, divinely mandated vision for the Holy Land and the World.

    We are all tools of the divine will. The Pentateuch, i.e. five tools in Ancient Greek, is clear about what the divinely mandated vision is for the Holy Land. The status quo leads some Jews to want to kick out the Palestinians, and for some Palestinians to want to kick out the Jews. I will say it again. The land will be shared. There will not be a Settlertown next to a Westbankistan. The equation of agreeing to build 500 houses to appease the settlers after the Itamar attack is not going to work as a long term plan. On this logic there will be a lot of dead Jews before Judea and Samaria is Arabrein. People must realise that the almost imperceptible changes in the geometries of consciousness and power in the Holy Land have a ripple effect on the immediate region and the whole world. A higher view and philosophical orientation must prevail. There are many potential shareholders in World Peace 2050. The devil is in the detail, but the vision stands. It is possible to define the correct role of the Holy Land in the overall vision.

  2. Calling Khaminai Hitler doesnt advance Jewish interests one bit.Doing what the British did to Dresden in Gaza will.Apologizing for death of “innocent civilians” who are intentionally placed in harms way is rediculous


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