Netanyahu Condemns Discrimination Against Women On Buses

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Monday issued a statement condemning gender discrimination in the country’s public transport system.

“The State of Israel is a free country in which no one will restrict who may use public transportation or dictate who sits where,” said the prime minister, adding, “Whoever does so is violating the law and must answer for it.”

Netanyahu’s comments came after a bus driver forced a group of teenage girls to cover themselves up. The teenagers also said they were also compelled to sit at the back of the bus.

The incident took place on a bus from the Nativ Express company, traveling from Ashdod to Kfar Tavor in the Lower Galilee.

The driver told the girls that the bus line was operated for members of the charedi community. However, the bus operated as public transportation and the driver’s demand was illegal.

In a statement reported on Sunday, Nativ Express said it was reviewing the allegations and that it condemns all forms of discrimination on its bus lines. JNS


    • I don’t understand your issue. Do you live in a shtetl of all men? NO one said strange men and woman should be sharing a seat. Just let people sit where they want, just like on a NYC bus.

  1. Would the women also complain if they were directed to sit in the front of the bus and the men in the back? I think not! So what’s the big deal! Switch it!

  2. I can only imagine how these girls were “dressed” if a bus driver couldn’t hold back from saying something. He didn’t stone them or beat them. All he did was attempt to spare Jewish men who try hard to maintain Kedushas Einayim from seeing things no decent man should have to look at.

    • This wasn’t a bus at a beach in Florida. In NYC most people ride the bus and find a way to watch their eyes, or they find their own means of transportation. Let the men there do the same. Don’t assume you know how these woman were dressed. I can imagine they were dressed no different then majority frum woman in nyc.

  3. Unfortunately for us Chareidim, Netanyahu is 100% correct. Riding a bus is a public experience, and the Israeli public is not necessarily Chareidi. If a chusid feels his yiddishkeit is hampered by the non-segregated, non-tzniusdik bus ride (and it very well can be), he needs to take a taxi, not force unwilling citizens to conform to his requirements. The bus driver in this story should move to Iran or Afghanistan and join the Taliban.

  4. When they get harassed for bring crudely immodest they have the guy arrested
    When you request women to be modest they claim they’re being harassed
    The world is their oyster

  5. When women finlnally get harassed for endlessly being crudely immodest they have the guy arrested
    When you request women to be modest they claim they’re being harassed
    The world is their oyster

  6. Other news outlets told a diferent story, these girls were dressed in bathing suits and they reportedly asked the driver if this was a hareidi busline before boarding the bus. When some men lowrered their eyes when they passed by they said they were feeling harassed, because men did not look at them. I was not there but that was the story that went around here.
    I would like to add that most hareidim (even those with jobs) can not afford to take a taxi. To sayvthat they should avoid public transportation is in my eyes a way of saying that living according to the Torah is not right, rachmana litzlan.


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