Netanyahu: Coronavirus Rate In Israel Still A ‘Red Flag’

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At the start of Sunday’s weekly Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the public against flouting guidelines set out by the Health Ministry, as the country witnesses a spike in coronavirus cases.

Netanyahu said that there has been “no improvement” in the number of daily new infections, which stands at about 200 per day. This is a “red flag,” he said.

As of Sunday morning, 26 people were on ventilators, 35 were in serious condition and 300 people had died of COVID-19 since the beginning of the outbreak.

Israel has gradually opened up schools, businesses and event halls in recent weeks in an effort to restart the economy, but rising numbers in coronavirus cases could threaten to shut the country down again.

Last week, Netanyahu said he was “pulling the emergency brake” on easing restrictions after seeing 100 new daily cases of coronavirus.




  1. Look how close they’re sitting and Bibi without a mask altogether and the others are not even covering their nose or mouth. If politicians are above the law, they should not tell us what to do.

    Besides, they have yet to come out with symptoms of coronavirus. Not one doctor in the world knows what it is. Some say it’s the flu, others say nausea and others say it’s a cut on the finger. Please, tell the number of daily new infection bobkess to your wife.


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