Netanyahu Decries Slander After Israeli Police Push Bribery Indictment

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As reported earlier on, Israeli police investigators have recommended that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu be indicted in two corruption cases, increasing the pressure to step down on one of the longest-serving Israeli leaders in the country’s history.

After a yearlong investigation, Israeli police recommended to Attorney General of Israel Avichai Mandelblit that Netanyahu face prosecution on two corruption cases: one known as Case 1000, which involves gifts for favors from various businessmen and billionaire supporters; and the other called Case 2000, which Netanyahu is accused of back-room dealings with Arnon Mozes, publisher of Yediot Achronot, to gain more favorable media coverage.

In an address to the nation before the announcement, Netanyahu said the investigation into his alleged corruption has amounted to slander against him and his family.

“They have brutally attacked my wife and children to hurt me,” said Netanyahu. “This time, things will end without anything.”

He added that “these recommendations have no place in a democratic state.”

Netanyahu, who has served as prime minister since 2009 and previously served a stint in the late 1990s, vowed not to step down as Israel’s leader.

“I feel a deep obligation to continue to lead Israel in a way that will ensure our future,” he said. (JNS.ORG)

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  1. If Netanyahu were to be fired, it would cause tremendous turmoil in the entire middle east region. It would be a tremendous sakana to the Yidden who live in Eretz Yisroel. The Arabs would use it as an excuse to attack R”L.

  2. The evil Left, who are no better – perhaps worse – that those in the US, hate Netanyahu even more now that he’s become close with President Trump. So they contrive all kinds of fabrications just to get rid of him.


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