Netanyahu Defends Climbdown On Har Habayis Metal Detectors

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday defended his decision to remove metal detectors from the entrance to Har Habayis after deadly unrest, saying it was in the best interest of security.

A poll of Israeli Jews found 77 percent thought the removal constituted “capitulation”, while even the normally pro-Netanyahu newspaper Israel Hayom attacked his handling of the crisis.

“I listen to the sensitivities of the public, I understand their feelings, I know that the decision we took is not an easy one,” he said at the start of Sunday’s cabinet meeting — his first public comment on the removal of all the security measures.

“At the same time, as prime minister of Israel, as the one who carries the burden of Israel’s security on his shoulders, I am obliged to take decisions in a calm and considered way. I do that with a view to the big picture,” he said. Read more at Yahoo News.





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