Netanyahu: Demands From Government Coalition Partners ‘Impossible,’ Calls On Chardei Parties To Compromise


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that coalition partners had ‘impossible’ demands and that clashes between them continue.

“The parties are making impossible demands. One party has requested four positions and budgetary demands that we don’t have,” Netanyahu said.

With time running out for Netanyahu to secure the support of 61 MKs for the next government, the Prime Minister is pressuring the charedi parties partners to relax their demands, enabling the Prime Minister to bring former Defense Minister Avidgor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu party into the next government. The two groups have fought over a number of issues, including Shabbos laws and the giyus.

A planned meeting between Likud and Yahadut HaTorah was canceled and rescheduled in protest of the chillul Shabbos due to the Eurovision contest taking place in Tel Aviv this weekend.

On Wednesday, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on accepted Netanyahu’s request to extend the deadline to form the next government by two weeks, giving the incumbent premier until May 29 to finalize his new cabinet.

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  1. They have a problem with this particular chilul shabbos in Tel Aviv??!! That’s crazy! The whole city is one big chilul shabbos! Until moshiach comes there will always be rampant chilul shabbos in Tel Aviv. Learn to pick your fights with the issues that you have a chance to win.

  2. Why should chillul Shabbos and drafting chareidim to the Shmad Army be “impossible demands” in the Jewish state?

    “One party has requested four positions and budgetary demands” All this party cares is about their pockets. Shame! How about working along with the parties that want chillul Shabbos and giyus stopped?


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