Netanyahu: Destroy Terrorist’s Homes Within 48 Hours

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held security consultations over the last few hours in the wake of the series of terrorist attacks today.

Netanyahu demanded that the demolition of the homes of the terrorists be accelerated and that the demolitions take place within 48 hours of the terrorist attacks. He instructed the continuation of the effort to capture the murderers and to thwart the infrastructures behind the attacks.

In addition, Netanyahu appealed to the Attorney General to take legal steps to enable the construction of 82 new housing units in Ofra, and also ordered the establishment of two new industrial zones near Avnei Hefetz and Beitar Illit.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Just make sure the home is completely empty first. We wouldn’t want to harm any terrorists. For good measure the IDF can then proceed to bomb an empty field.

  2. Let us know when it’s destroyed. In the past, the self-appointed-for-life pro-Arab anti-Israel judges blocked it. Hardly ever was a terrorist’s home destroyed and those that were were restored by Israel.


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