Netanyahu: Gaza Operation To Last ‘As Long As Necessary’

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip will “las as long as necessary” early Friday, as Israel prepared for a night of riots and Gazan rockets.

“Citizens of Israel, we are dealing with a battle on two fronts,” he said in a speech posted on Twitter.

“The first front is Gaza. I said that we would levy a heavy price from Hamas and the other terrorist organizations; we are doing this, and we will continue doing this in strength. The last word hasn’t been said yet, and this operation will continue for as long as necessary to return quiet and security to the State of Israel.”

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  1. Bla bla bla…
    Unlike the bluster coming from the mouth of the leader of this idol, the Zionists will continue their war only until the gentiles tell them to stop, not any longer beyond that, because, of course, the Zionist State continues to exist solely due to the good graces of the gentile nations.

    (The State is in constant violation of numerous severe Torah prohibitions, so Hashem, Himself, obviously does not want that shmad State, despite that He allows it to continue for whatever reasons He has. Hashem also allowed the Holocaust, and, more recently, 45 Jews to die in Meron on Lag BaOmer.)

  2. Bread and butter. Do we ever win with the good unorthodoxy of our state? Might be more than a peace plan with a finger on the button. Include the razor too. We have lives that want a king’s face.


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