Netanyahu Holds Marathon Series of Talks With World Leaders After Iran Nuclear Program Revelations


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been holding a marathon series of talks with world leaders following his revelation of a cache of thousands of documents related to Iran’s nuclear program, Hebrew news site Walla reported on Saturday.

Netanyahu revealed the documents last week in a televised address delivered in English. The trove of evidence related to Iran’s nuclear infrastructure was acquired by Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency in a secret operation. The prime minister stated that the documents show Iran has consistently lied about its nuclear ambitions and has long sought to build a nuclear weapon.

The United States confirmed the authenticity of the documents.

According to the Walla report, Netanyahu has subsequently been in constant communication with a plethora of world leaders following his address and has both discussed the evidence and conveyed “their meaning from the Israeli perspective.”

These conversations included all signatories to the nuclear deal with Iran, with the exception of China, including Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. Netanyahu will speak with the Chinese leader on the issue in the coming days. He will meet personally with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday during an official visit. He also spoke with the prime ministers of India and Australia, who are not party to the deal.

President Donald Trump is facing a May 12 deadline to decide whether the US will remain part of the nuclear deal or not. He has made strong indications that he will pull out unless significant changes are made, particularly with regard to Iran’s ballistic missile program and regional aggression.

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