Netanyahu in Milan: “Our Scholars for Centuries Studied the Talmud”

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netanyahu milanoPrime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu spoke Thursday in Italy at Israel’s exhibition at Expo Milan 2015.

“I’m proud of everything that we’re doing,” said Netanyahu. “I think it has to do a lot with our culture. Our scholars for centuries studied the Talmud. They always believed that there wasn’t one answer. They always questioned. They always argued. There wasn’t a single set truth, and truth wasn’t achieved by repetition and memory. It was achieved by constant inquiry.”

Netanyahu added, “And this tradition was translated in modern times by Jewish scientists and Israeli scientists into the fields of mathematics and physics and chemistry and in every field of life, medicine. And it is now being translated by Israeli entrepreneurs and technologists for all the things that can make a better life for all the people of the planet.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. It sounds that Netanyahu really is proud that Jewish scholars studied the Talmud for centuries. Mr. Prime Minister, I’d love to learn with you b’chavrusah over the phone-even once a week. Any mesechta you chose. I mean it seriously. Please get back to me through

  2. The message? Science and technology supplant Torah and Talmud as the defining elements of Jewish knowledge. IOW, the secularization of the Jewish people — which has always been Zionism’s goal


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