Netanyahu, Inspired by Son, is Learning More Torah


netanyahu-and-avner“Yerushalayim is the city of the Torah, and the Torah is the book of life. It is the story of the people of Israel’ s life,” said Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday at a meeting held in his office for the contestants in the International Bible Contest.

Netanyahu’s son, Avner, is a contestant in this year’s contest after he won the contest on the state school level, making it to the finals.

At the beginning of the meeting, the prime minister wished his son good luck. Netanyahu said that recently he has been reading more and more Torah on a weekly basis, often under Avner’s guidance.

The prime minister told the contest contenders, “Whoever reached this point is a Torah champion. One cannot get here without investing yourselves and delving into the stories themselves. We are in the process of encouraging and strengthening Torah studies. This is the idea that we are applying within Israel, and I am happy it is also being discussed abroad. It is important that you learn Torah and that you ‘think about it day and night.’ Continue to study even after the competition.”

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. I believe he wears a Yarmulka and attends some sort of Yeshivah. I don’t know his level of observance as if he eats at home, the food is not very Kosher.

  2. Bibi and his brother attended an orthodox school under a slightly different last name. Natansky or something like that. Maybe it was Ramaz? And who says he doesn’t keep a kosher home?


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