Netanyahu: Iran Must Be Punished for Ballistic Missile Tests


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu called on the P5+1 powers to enforce Iranian compliance with the United Nations Security Council resolution that was passed following the nuclear deal that the six powers struck with Iran last summer.

“I have instructed the Foreign Ministry to turn to all the powers that have signed the nuclear deal with Iran, and I requested that they [the P5+1 powers] fulfill their commitment to prevent Iran from violating UN Security Council resolutions on the subject of missiles,” said Netanyahu. “It cannot be that Iran will not be punished for it.”

“[The powers] must take immediate punitive steps following the repeated gross transgressions by Iran in the matter of the rockets,” Netanyahu’s office said in a statement. It adding that the reported ballistic-missile tests would constitute “a test for the powers’ ability to enforce the nuclear agreement.”

Tazpit Press Agency



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