Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Pick Sides in Trump vs. Hillary

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu says that Israel will remain neutral in the U.S. presidential election campaign and avoid any intervention on behalf of any candidate, Haaretz reports.

Netanyahu said that although he is attending the United Nations General Assembly in September he doesn’t have any meetings set as yet with either candidate, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

“We are presenting both candidates with our positions but are not interfering,” the prime minister said told diplomatic correspondents. “There is no point in interfering and it’s not smart to interfere,” he said.

David Steger – Israel



  1. “There is no point in interfering and it’s not smart to interfere,” [Netanyahu] said.
    What’s he talking about???
    Surely Hillary is enough of an ohaiv Yisroel that an endorsement of Trump wouldn’t put her off.
    Surely The Donald is thick-skinned enough that he wouldn’t be angered by a Clinton endorsement.
    Gosh, I just can’t comprehend Netanyahu’s statement.

  2. This is smart. Israel is a good faith in G-d. But of course, the sadness of Trump is so severe that no one can think that he can be a human asset in office.

    Still, Israel should not often get involved in American politics… unless there is a clear cause of scared fate for the nation of the state of Israel.

    Great thoughts from world business I think. Trump is already concerning to many.

    Trust that Hashem wants Israel to indeed be a politic of human interest.

    G-d bless America and Israel.

  3. smart move. It’s too close to call what the result will be. That being the case, why pick a side that may lose, then you have to make up for that with the winner.

  4. Given how badly his intervention on behalf of Romney went in 2012, he is probably smart to stay out of things this time around.

    • That’s two major untruths in one sentence:

      1) Prime Minister Netanyahu didn’t “intervene” on Romney’s behalf in 2012 in any way, shape or form. Romney was greeted warmly when he visited Israel, a courtesy that certainly would’ve been extended to Obama had he deigned to visit. Netanyahu explicitly didn’t endorse either Romney or President Obama, despite a personal friendship with Romney that started many years earlier.

      2) Obama’s awful relationship with Netanyahu didn’t go “badly” because of Romney’s reception in Israel. Obama decided from day one of his presidency to distance the U.S. from Israel and is especially contemptuous toward Netanyahu personally.


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