Netanyahu: I’ve Been Talking To Americans About Annexing Settlements


Israeli is coordinating with the US on the topic of sovereignty over settlements in the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a Likud faction meeting Monday.

“On the subject of applying sovereignty, I can say that I have been talking to the Americans about it for some time,” Netanyahu stated.

The prime minister said that he follows to principles on the matter: “One, coordinating with the Americans, because the connection with them is a strategic asset for the State of Israel and settlements. Two, it must be a government initiative and not a private one, because it is a historic move.”


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  1. Netanyahu is talking sovereignty only with permission from the US. If this is not an oxymoron, what is?

    Mr. President, if ever the Deep State Mafia impeaches you, Mr. Trump, please accept the honor of leadership in Israel. The Jewish citizens in Israel (and perhaps other sensible non-Jews) would any time grab you as their leader with open arms. No need to worry about the Deep State or CIA Mafia in Israel.


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